Noel Palomo @ The NU 107 Rock Awards 1997

Noel Palomo

Manuel Rivera Palomo, better known simply in the Philippine music scene as Noel Palomo (born August 19, 1972 in Manila) is a Filipino musician, revolutionary composer, record producer, the chief songwriter and lead vocalist of the popular Pinoy rock band Siakol.

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Siakol is a 4-piece Filipino rock band who is one of several groups who spearheaded the 90's Philippine alternative rock explosion and known for their hit songs "Lakas Tama", "Peksman", "Biyaheng Impyerno" and "Bakit Ba". The band was a prominent fixture of the Tunog Kalye era and very popular to college & high school students in the Philippines during the 90s. Wikipedia

Noel Palomo is also the frontman of Repakol, a punk rock band formed in December 2019.
Repakol Newest Line-Up

Noel Palomo & The Repakol

Repakol is a Filipino rock band that plays Siakol music in their modern style, led by its original vocalist and composer, formed in December 2019.
Noel Palomo - Frontman/Vocals (Lead Vocalist Singer-Songwriter of Siakol)
Miniong Cervantes - Lead Guitar ( Lead Guitarist of Siakol/Pseudo Red/Pataka)
Raz Itum - Bass (Bassist/Songwriter of Frio)
Alvin Palomo - Lead Guitar (Lead Guitarist/Singer-Songwriter of Sandpaper/Melted Rock/Sessionist of Dodong Cruz)
Wilbert Jimenez - Rhythm Guitar (Rhythm Guitarist/Singer-Songwriter of Long Playing Band)
Matt Bravante - Drums (Drummer of Parokyano/Eat Bulaga’s Music Hero)

Noel Palomo Live at Tinungbo Festival 2020 feat.Repakol | Pugo, La Union | January 19, 2020