Noel Palomo Live! @ Spotify

Globe presents

Noel Palomo Live at Tinungbo Festival 2020

Pugo, La Union, Philippines
January 19, 2020


Alvin Palomo on Lead Guitar
Raz Itum on Bass
Wilbert Jimenez on Rhythm Guitar
Zach Alcasid on Drums

Noel Palomo Live @ Spotify
Noel Palomo Live @ Spotify

1st Public Performance and 1st Major Concert of
Noel Palomo & The Repakol

Remastered @ Kankaloo Records

All songs written by Noel Palomo
Lead Vocalist and Chief Songwriter of Siakol

Special Thanks to Mayor Priscilla Martin, Retired General Eugene Martin and all the officials of Pugo, La Union, Globe Telecom, Facebook, Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, Kankaloo Records, Repakol Clothing, Basio Clothing (LA, California, USA), LAM Entertainment, Team Repakol, all the staff in the event and to our Supreme Creator. Happy Tinungbo Festival 2020! Haymabu! ✊🏽

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